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[DOWNLOAD] Film Editing Pro – The Art of Trailer Editing Pro Ultimate (2024)

Film Editing Pro – The Art of Trailer Editing Pro Ultimate Download

What is The Art of Trailer Editing?

  • An online video training course that will teach you how to edit trailers & promos in all genres – comedy, action, suspense & drama.
  • Learn trailer-specific editing techniques used only in this unique style of cutting. These are very different from those used in other forms of editing.
  • 40+ 1080p HD tutorials, plus raw HD practice footage with full audio splits and a 950+ piece library of premium trailer sound design & music.

…designed for anyone who needs to:

  • Promote a film
  • Drive sales and traffic
  • Market online content
  • Announce a product or event
  • Impress a distributor, studio or client


Lesson 1: Welcome to The Art of Trailer Editing

An overview of the course and a bit of information about what you’re going to learn (Length 02:58)

Lesson 2: How this Course is Organized

A review of the course structure with the various types of lessons, live editing practice and more (Length 02:00)


Lesson 3: Main Types of Trailers & Promos

Comparing the different kinds of trailers, teasers and promos and understanding the function of each (Length 02:29)

Lesson 4: Four Challenges of Trailer Editing

Discover why the craft of trailer editing is so different from feature editing (Length 07:22)

Lesson 5: Key Trailer Editing Tools & Vocab

Learn all the different techniques and terminology frequently used in the trailer world (Length 04:14)

Lesson 6: Amateur vs Professional Trailers

Compare two trailers from the same film and review which works better and why (Length 05:15)


Lesson 7: Research & Organization Workflows

The important steps you need to follow before you begin editing any trailer (Length 09:05)

Lesson 8: Positioning the Movie

Determine your marketing, targeting and cutting style and how it affects your final trailer (Length 04:09)

Lesson 9: Telling the Story Quickly and Simply

How to get people to watch your movie with a succinct and interesting trailer story (Length 06:21)

Lesson 10: Arranging the Trailer Structure

A step-by-step walk-through of the planning and paper-cutting stage of a trailer (Length 08:28)


Lesson 11: Choosing the Music

Use a smart music auditioning strategy to choose the perfect cue for your cut (Length 06:08)

Lesson 12: How to Use Sound Design

Learn professional trailer sound design techniques to enhance the moments in your trailer (Length 08:59)

Lesson 13: Laying the Foundation with Audio

How and why to begin your trailer by actually cutting the audio bed first (Length 18:02)

Lesson 14: Creating the Big Trailer Moments

How to carve out and accent your trailer’s most important parts with advanced editing techniques (Length 08:59)

Lesson 15: Storytelling with Style

Learn flashy editing techniques for creating a trailer that will hold your viewer’s interest (Length 05:11)

Lesson 16: Cutting Professional Montages

How to cut an emotionally-moving, exciting and understandable montage (Length 11:09)

Lesson 17: Working with Graphics & Voiceover

Best practices for creating and using high-quality graphics & narration (Length 05:47)

Lesson 18: The Importance of Un-Resolution

Explore this fundamental strategy of trailer editing to keep your audience wanting more (Length 01:56


Lesson 19: Storytelling & Character Development

How to tell a story about people and places your audience will fall in love with (Length 07:55)

Lesson 20: Creating Emotion in a Cut

Dramatic editing techniques to stir emotions in your audience and help a trailer resonate (Length 11:40)


Lesson 21: Essential Comedy Tools

Powerful audio and visual tools for helping jokes and moments feel funny (even if they’re not) (Length 04:05)

Lesson 22: Crafting a Story with Jokes

How to build a comedy trailer by smoothly stringing together the best jokes in the film (Length 06:24)

Lesson 23: Style Tips for Comedy Editors

Specific comedy editing tips to add energy, style and visual interest to a trailer (Length 09:12)

Lesson 24: The Power of the Music Stop

How to use the most important comedy editing technique that exists (Length 08:14)


Lesson 25: Beat-Driven & Rhythmic Accents

The complete guide to creating exciting, perfectly-timed action accents in your cut (Length 13:08)

Lesson 26: Building Intensity with Hit Grids

Learn how to use sound design to easily build up the intensity of your music cue (Length 15:10)

Lesson 27: Creative Sound Design Techniques

Create a highly memorable trailer by combining creative pieces of sound design (Length 05:40)


Lesson 28: Essential Suspense & Horror Tools

Powerful audio and visual tools for building suspense and scaring your audience (Length 10:38)

Lesson 29: The Sound of Silence

How to effectively harness the power of silence in your next suspense trailer (Length 07:25)

Lesson 30: Creating Organic Sound Motifs

Use organic sounds from your film to create a custom, rhythmic sound motif (Length 13:44)


Lesson 31: Edit Workshop: The Project Overview

Take a closer look at the trailer we’ll be editing in this course (Length 02:37)

Lesson 32: Edit Workshop: Setting Up the Project

A quick guide to setting up your project and importing your files (Length 05:42)

Lesson 33: Edit Workshop: Organizing the Project

Preparing to edit with proper trailer organization (Length 02:45)

Lesson 34: Edit Workshop: Creating the Paper Cut

Planning your story, positioning and structure (Length 04:15)

Lesson 35: Edit Workshop: Building the Structure

Begin editing your trailer with a proper audio foundation (Length 09:27)

Lesson 36: Edit Workshop: Filling in the Picture

Adding picture and building montages in your cut (Length 08:26)

Lesson 37: Edit Workshop: Sound Design

Make your trailer come alive by adding layers of sound design (Length 06:59)

Lesson 38: Edit Workshop: Bringing It All Together

Analyze and troubleshoot problems with your trailer (Length 02:24)

Lesson 39: Edit Workshop: Final Mixing & Tweaks

Fine-tune your audio mix and polish your cut to perfection (Length 04:49)


Lesson 40: Reviewing Key Lessons Learned

A quick review of key lessons learned in the course (Length 01:39)

Lesson 41: Your Next Learning Steps

Suggestions for taking your trailer editing skills even further (Length 01:40)

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