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[DOWNLOAD] Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery (2023)

Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery Download

Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery by Kam Dhadwar

Learn the Most COMPLETE Auction Market Theory and Market Profile Trading Strategy that Helps Provide a Solid Structured Approach to Discretionary Trading

In our flagship Online Course, Kam Dhadwar of TheTradingFramework.com shares with you his most complete program to date. You will learn ALL the concepts that you need to understand in order to apply “The Trading Framework” most effectively and in the least amount of time.

The course content is provided in more easily digestible 1-3 hour length Modules and Sub-Modules. It is set up in such a way that covers ALL that you need to understand to begin applying “The Trading Framework”. All Modules go into each topic of discussion with immense detail and examples. It is without a doubt the best Training program we have ever offered and it is also going to be the most life-changing Coaching Program for anyone that is a Trader or on a journey toward a successful futures trading business!

Over 26 Hours of Training on Advanced Auction Market Theory, Volume Profile, and Order Flow Trading Strategies along with Mindset Development for more disciplined Trading.

Below is an outline of the structure for this unique Learning and Development Opportunity:

Module 1: Becoming a specialist in Trading Value – Approx 120 Minutes of Training

Module 2: Reading the Mind of the Market.- Approx 89 Minutes of Training

Module 3: Gaining A Deeper Understanding Of Context – Approx 122 Minutes of Training

Module 4: Using Market and Time Frame Confluences for higher probability setups – Approx 67 Minutes of Training

Module 5: Understanding Market Harmonics and Rotations – Approx 52 Minutes of Training

Module 6: Mastering Timing, Execution and Order Flow – Approx 3 Hours and 35 Minutes of Training

Module 7: How to Manage Trades Effectively and Risk-Position Sizing Plans – Approx 146 Minutes of Training

Module 8: The Specific Pre-Market Analysis Process and Top-Down Analysis required for improved Belief and Confidence – Approx 115 Minutes of Training

Module 9: Day Trading with the Framework – Approx 74 Minutes of Training

Module 10: Swing Trading with the Framework – Approx 67 Minutes of Training

Module 11: Scalping with the Framework – Approx 61 Minutes of Training

Module 12: Constructing your Business Plan and Financial Forecasts – Approx 73 Minutes of Training

Module 13: Constructing the Trading Plan – Approx 40 Minutes of Training

Module 14: Journaling – What to track and why – Approx 60 Minutes of Training

Module 15: Techniques for Building Discipline & Patience – Approx 77 Minutes of Training

Module 16: Managing Yourself in the moment – Approx 62 Minutes of Training

Bonus Module 17: Starting out with Meditation and Mindfulness – Approx 60 Minutes of Training

Bonus Module 18: Setting Up Charts and Settings in MarketDelta\Investor RT – Approx 45 Minutes of Training

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