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[DOWNLOAD] Ross Simmonds – The AI Marketing Console (2024)

Ross Simmonds – The AI Marketing Console Download

As Artificial Intelligence continues to become more powerful and sophisticated, it is transforming the way that marketing agencies are run. I’m convinced that AI is going to change the way we operate as marketers, creators and definitely as agency owners. It’s a wild time.

AI enables marketers to deliver more targeted, personalized, and efficient messages. While also providing insights and data to help improve decision making across the entire org. Agencies that at one point and time operated with 100 people will be able to operate with 20 and with the help of AI, great marketers will be able to achieve more than they ever did in a fraction of the time.

I‘m not saying that marketers should be afraid of AI taking their jobs…

I’m saying that marketers who don’t use AI should be afraid of marketers who do use AI doing exactly that. Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT are giving all of us the ability to better understand our customers, our reports, create things faster and add more profits to the bottom line. AI can help all of us deliver better work every single day.

And this console is your system for doing exactly that.

My goal here is simple. I want to help you:

  • Get over 520 extra hours back each year thanks to this system
  • Accelerate the rate in which you create, distribute, optimize & plan
  • Increase your pipeline, leads, sales on the back of AI assisted efforts
  • Fast track your professional development by 2-3 years

This console has one mission:

Shake everything up.

Thanks to the AI Marketing Console you will be able to do in 24 hours what most marketers get done in a week. It’s not a small task. But my goal is to carve hours off your typical working day thanks to artificial intelligence and give you productivity super powers that make many of your colleagues scratch their head wondering how and what are you doing to operate so effectively.

Who am I? My name is Ross Simmonds.

I’m the Founder of Foundation (the creators behind the console) and an entrepreneur who has launched multiple products & advised / partnered with some of the most ambitious SaaS brands in the world on planning & executing their content engine. I’ve helped brands generate hundreds of thousands of visitors and generate hundreds of millions of dollars.

This AI Console is intended to arm you with the tools to do what I’ve done in 10 years in a short period of time. If you use this console to scale yourself and unlock new opportunities – I’m convinced that you will have the ability to accelerate your growth trajectory faster than ever thought possible simply by playing the games found within and executing with excellence.

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