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[DOWNLOAD] Ross Harkness – MasteryOS (2024)

Ross Harkness – MasteryOS Download

What’s included? 

Master Your Mind

– The 3 steps to defining your Life Mission and creating both long and short term clarity

– The secret to finding and removing the exact beliefs that are holding you back

– How to build the mindsets that every high performer needs to have for long-term success

– How to craft the perfect self-image that allows you to unlock your potential

– The secret to unlimited and sustainable motivation (yes, motivation is great – if sustainable)

– How to build the 5 traits that make dealing with adversity and challenges a piece of cake

– The 1 habit that can solve EVERY problem (and how to do it best)

Master Your Actions

– The Most Effective Way To Set Goals That Guarantee Their Achievement

– The secret strategy to unlocking your potential & achieving your goals no matter what life throws at you or how “busy” you are

– How the top 1% of high performer plans their days to GET SHIT DONE

– The step by step process for aligning your actions with your mission and dream life

– How to build good habits & remove bad habits (a way that actually works)

– Utilising macro + micro focus to ensure long term performance and to unlock your potential

Master Your Craft

– Why most people never get the results they want (and how you can avoid it) 

– The importance of choosing your craft wisely (and how to know if you’re on the right path)

– The most important habit for achieving craft mastery (and the most optimal protocol)

– The Mastery Formula: the exact steps to achieving mastery in the most effective way possible

– The exact process for dealing with shiny object syndrome

– How the top 1% of high performers balance education + action (for maximum progress + results)

Master Your Performance

– The philosophy you need to embody for peak performance

– Designing + curating your environment + workspace for peak performance (& the most common mistakes to avoid)

– The 1 thing you must remove for success in any field (and how to remove it)

– The nutrition + nutritional habits you need for peak performance + mental clarity

– How to build + optimise the essential habits that guarantee peak performance throughout your day

– How to structure your day like the top 1% of peak performers.

– How to identify and fix time-leakage that is holding you back

– The magic & science of 90 minutes (and how to use it)

– The Burnout misconception and how to avoid it (no matter how “busy” you are

– How to manipulate the most essential biological function for clarity, energy and performance

– The 10 minute habit that will 10x every area of your life (the most optimal protocol)

But That’s Not All:

(You also get some damn good bonuses)

Bonus #1

How To Restore Your Drive For Greatness

Learn about dopamine, how to restore your natural levels and manipulate it to improve your motivation, drive and focus through dopamine detoxing

Bonus #2

The Keys To Consistency

Learn what nobody else is telling you about what it actually takes to be consistent in the long run.

Bonus #3

How To Build Momentum In Your Personal + Business Life

Learn what it takes to get the ball rolling and achieving “overnight” success

Bonus #4

Crafting Your Perfect Ego

Ego isn’t the enemy. But it’s hard to build correctly. Learn how to craft your ego to propel you forward without being an asshole.

Bonus #5

The 2 Hour Mastery Formula

The exact formula you need to master your craft in just 2 hours per day.

Bonus #6

Time Tracking Mastery

Learn how to track and audit your time so you can make the most of it and master your time.

Bonus #7

The Magic Of 90 Minutes

Your body is aligned in 90 minute windows. Learn how to use them for peak performance and results.

Bonus #8

Meditation 101

Meditation is one of the most powerful habits you can build. Learn how to do it and how to do it properly.

Bonus #9

Habit trackers, checklists, plans, worksheets, and other resources.

Everything you need to ensure you take consistent, ruthless action.

Bonus #10

Exclusive Access To My Social Media Mastery Course

8+ hours of video training content

45+ actionable resources

Everything you need to build and monetise an audience on Instagram and Twitter

Bonus #11

Free Access To My Conscious Alignment Hub

A step by step video course + hub, taking you through my:

Life Tapping System

Conscious Alignment System

Get Sh*t Done System

Everything you need to align your actions and life with your goals.

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