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[DOWNLOAD] Nadia Khaled – The Alignment Accelerator (2024)

Nadia Khaled – The Alignment Accelerator Download


Getting crystal-clear on your vision

 Tapping into your unique manifestation approach according YOUR Human Design energy type

 Showing up as your future 2.0 self, right now

 Letting go of the HOW and trusting in divine timing

 Using affirmations (the right way!) to think in alignment

 Implementing an intuitive AM/PM routine to reprogram your subconscious

– Healing your relationship with yourself and your inner child

 Balancing your masculine and feminine energies for sustainable manifesting (because constant burnout is SO not the vibe)

 Trusting your intuition to lead you to the right aligned actions

 Regulating your emotions to bounce back faster and keep your vibration aligned

 Working through your limiting beliefs with deep shadow work

Module 1: What’s Your Energy Type?

Knowing your human design is like having a personalized guide to effortless manifesting. Learn how to use your unique map to align with how you were designed to bring things to life. (Get ready to feel seen, because your map is about to describe you to a T!)

Module 2: What’s Your Vision?

Learn the step-by-step process of how manifestation actually works and set the stage for your new 2.0 reality, including making your very own vision book.

Module 3: Trust the Process

Let go of the most common limiting beliefs, open your mind to the magic of infinite potential, and create space for the Universe to start conspiring in your favor.

Module 4: Embodiment

Bring your vision to life by living in the present moment and intentionally emitting the energy of your future 2.0 self.

Module 5: Align Your Habits

Implement subtle shifts in your daily routine that rewire your brain to think more positive, increase your emotional resilience, and attract more synchronicities with a higher vibration.

Module 6: Reprogram Your Subconscious

Dig deep into your subconscious programming to purge deeply-rooted limitations— so you can stop defaulting to old habits and allow your 2.0 self to keep blossoming. *warning: prepare for an emotional conversation with your younger self 


Get special access to 2 exclusive masterclasses on intuitive health (including cycle synching and intuitive eating) PLUS the 3-day Abundance Accelerator workbook for manifesting money. 

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