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[DOWNLOAD] Kevin King – Billion Dollar Seller Summit 2021

Kevin King – Billion Dollar Seller Summit Download

Kevin King – Billion Dollar Seller Summit Download

No fancy website needed to promote the event. It’s better to spend money making sure you get the most value possible from attending.

If you know Kevin, you know his BDSS events bring it with A+++ content that can make a huge difference in your Amazon business.
They are normally held in-person, but he is doing a special virtual event while we let things get back to somewhat normal for in-person.

If you are a 7 or 8 figure seller on Amazon
the Billion Dollar Seller Summit Virtual event could be game changing for your business.

Just one tip could 10-100X your $997 investment in pure gold knowledge from the best of the best.

“I’m presenting a wild strategy for ranking products that costs 2-3X less than traditional giveaways, is very scalable, and isn’t going away anytime soon.
This is saving us $100k’s of thousands of dollars. No one is doing this!”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

“Kevin, I will release some insane information.
It is going to be first time I will talk about how to protect yourself from nasty competition attacks and how to keep the pulse on your business and act faster than anyone else.
This is going to be one of the best and hottest topics on the summit – I can guarantee you.”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

16 speakers will be delivering some next level content for advanced Amazon sellers.

“I figured out how to get nearly free traffic from a top 5 search engine, and its 100% white hat and blows the amazon algorithm through the roof!
Never publicly shared this with anyone, anywhere. It’s ridiculous.”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

The attendees will vote for their favorite, who will win a $5,000 cash prize.

In addition, everyone will be able to participate in a hack contest with a $2,500 cash prize to the winner.

“I’m gonna have to dethrone Brandon Young from the last summit and get that best hack prize. Pretty sure I have one that will do it.” – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

“I am going to show how I made $425,000 on two formerly “bad” keywords using the little-discussed ***** campaigns most people don’t even know exist.” – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

Only speakers who can hit home runs with actionable content are invited to speak at the BDSS.

“I will give a never made public detailed deep dive into the launch method I have used for the last year that allows me to get
to the top of page one with a fraction of the investment that others make.”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

“I plan on sharing a breakdown of exactly how we rank at the top for hundreds of keywords in less than 5 days from launch almost every time.
I’m going to share exactly what Amazon’s algorithm is looking for in your listing to determine ranking juice.
I’ll break down how to use that information and data to build your listing, launch your product with precision,
and rank for the most important keywords that generate organic sales fast and efficient.”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

“I am going to share 50 extraordinary tips for Amazon sellers in 2021 in 45 minutes. These include some really cool little known “hacks”
and incredible resources every successful Amazon Seller should know.”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

“My presentation is going to leave everyone MIND = BLOWN. I’ve never shared these visual optimization hacks before and they’re so darn clever that everyone will be asking themselves
how they didn’t think of them first. The best part? Once you understand it, implementing is VERY straightforward.”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

“I will be presenting some new content that no one is talking about – AT ALL. I’m going to provide some of my incredible secrets that I use to drive traffic to my Amazon listings
while simultaneously building ongoing SEO ranking. I think everyone will be blown away.”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

“We’ll be talking about Gold & Dust. Gonna share the fascinating inside story, complete with lessons and tactics revealed, of how we lost over $1 million dollars selling on Amazon in 2020
despite hitting sales of $40,000 per day with just 3 SKUs.”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

“I will reveal some of the Amazon techniques you can use on the super hot international marketplaces to get ahead of your competitors and reach 8-figures.
For example, one of the things I will reveal is a secret of TikTok and how to use it to increase your worldwide sales. Nothing but pure knowledge bombs.”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

“I’m going to show how to turn on the “faucet” of traffic, leveraging the hottest social media platform today.
This brings steady sales and has more potential than any other for making products go viral.”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

“I figured out how to target specific keywords with Amazon Live Video, as well as a technique that will allow you to target your competitor’s listings with Your own Amazon Live Videos 100% in-house.” – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

“I am going to explain a new concept in marketing called pre-targeting. It will allow people to laser target traffic and increase their competitive edge.
I will also be providing an action step SOP and an automated solution option as well.”
 – speaker at upcoming BDSS Virtual

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