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[DOWNLOAD] Justing Goff – The Ultimate Email Bundle (2024)

Justing Goff – The Ultimate Email Bundle Download

What You Get:

Part 1:

Mario’s Arsenal Of 21 Unique, “Forbidden Email” Frameworks That Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Competitors

Part 2:

Stefan Reveals How He Uses Claude To Pump Out Personalized Emails That Sound Exactly Like YOU

You heard it…

You’re not only getting 21 HIGH-CONVERTING AI email templates…

We will also show you how to “clone yourself” to create endless personalized emails that sound exactly like YOU wrote them…

This LIVE training shows step-by-step how to leverage Claude for affiliate swipes and emails oozing with your unique personality in minutes.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Rapidly training Claude to precisely understand and mimic YOUR unique writing style, tone & personality with uncanny accuracy.
  • Create tailored welcome sequences for YOUR audiencethat capture attention, build trust & drive responses.
  • Leverage our framework for flawlessly writing affiliate emails that sound exactly like YOU while being more effective at converting.
  • ​Automate YOUR email writing using Claude so you can churn out extreme volumes of highly personalized & engaging emails without ever hitting burnout, losing steam or dealing with writer’s block.

In other words,

This is THE ultimate blueprint for generating endless relevant, engaging emails for YOUR audience…

…that also saves you a mountain of time and energy.

AI is notoriously difficult for writing in “robotic voice…”

And if you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we’ve gotten good at getting to write high-converting, natural sounding copy.

But this just takes it a whole step forward…

Because now you can get Claue to write in your distinct voice.

(And it’s actually dumb easy to do).

So Claude will reliably handle the heavy lifting…

You just provide the general direction and inspiration.

It’s like having a master email copywriter at your fingertips 24/7…

What you’ll discover here is honestly game-changing – most businesses would pay tens of thousands to implement innovative technology like this.

But you’ll get the inside scoop on exactly how to leverage Claude’s advanced capabilities for your own creative processes!

Part 3:

Insider Access To Luke’s Breakthrough Training: Create Your Own GPT-Powered Email Assistant Working For You Around The Clock

We’re giving you an insane stack of high-converting email templates…

A comprehensive video of how to use AI to generate endless personality-driven emails…

But what if you could skip writing emails altogether and let an AI assistant create high-converting emails for you?

We’re making this possible during this LIVE workshop by copywriting wizard Luke Mills.

He’ll show you step-by-step how to create your own GPT-powered email copywriter…

So you can:

  • Train your own custom AI email assistant using the perfect balance of example emails to get it writing expertly tailored emails for your goals.
  • Provide your AI agent with crystal clear guidelines on understanding WHO your audience is and WHAT response you want so it can reliably deliver emails driving your market’s desired outcomes.
  • Unlock the formula to getting your AI assistant to consistently & quickly output high-quality initial email drafts on demand that still feel authentically written by a human
  • Master the optimization loop of reviewing AI outputs, tweaking parameters, and continuously evolving your assistant’s performance until it’s hitting conversion goal.

It’s like having a dedicated email copywriter working around the clock.

The amount of time and energy it saves lets you focus your efforts on high-leverage activities ensures maximum creative output and conversion results over the long-term.

Talk about expanding your bandwidth!

Luke will demo exactly how he built out a custom GPT that writes high-converting emails day in and day out…

The applications of owning your own AI email copy machine are endless!

Finally… Yes there’s more, lol.

Here’s everything else included in this exclusive “Ultimate Email Bundle.”


Over 10+ Hours Of Confidential Expert Trainings For Taking Your Emails To The Next Level

(From Our Insider Email Marketing Vault)

You’re not just getting the core email copywriting assets either…

We’ve also packed in over 10+ hours of the most hard-hitting email marketing training from the biggest names in the biz as special bonuses.

Until now, this was only exclusively available to our copy accelerator members…

This is like getting a backstage pass to a $25,000 Elite Mastermind with:

  • Exclusive access to Justin Goff’s highly profitable email sequences that have generated over six figures per year for his business
  • The rapid-fire email formula from Jason Hendersonleveraged early on to generate over $800 million in revenue.
  • Troy Ericson’s set-it-and-forget-it list management tactics for achieving industry-leading email inboxing and engagement rates exceeding 98%.
  • ​The secrets behind Alex Cattoni’s simple yet wildly profitable email promotion that produced over $500,000 in sales in just days.

You’ll discover weird tricks, psychology tactics, frameworks, swipes and SO much more…

From the email marketing elite and many others…

This is the ultimate online training vault for dominating at email marketing – packed conveniently into one decentralized suite along with all the core email copywriting assets.

Everything you need to become an email marketing machine is right here!

But today, we’ve packaged up everything you need to become an email marketing machine right here!

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