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[DOWNLOAD] Geekout Events – Tactical Training (2022)

Geekout Events – Tactical Training Download

Geekout Events – Tactical Training Download

What You Get:

Maor “The Wolf” Benaim

  • Basic YouTube Stuff, Initial Campaign Structure, Advanced Structure & Scaling Optimization
  • 08_LECTION_01_VIDEO_01_2021_09_13_18_00_53_849
  • Geekout-Kiev-Maor Benaim.pptx.pdf

Van Oakes

  • Intensive: Snapchat
  • 08_LECTION_02_VIDEO_02_2021_09_13_18_00_52_067
  • Van Oakes – Snapchat.pptx.pdf

Jordan Menard

  • Intensive: Facebook Ads
  • 08_LECTION_03_VIDEO_03_2021_09_13_18_00_55_552
  • JM GO_ Ukraine Intensive.pdf

Nadim Kuttab/Andrey Kravchenko

  • Intensive: Native (Taboola / Outbrain)
  • 08_LECTION_04_VIDEO_04_2021_09_13_18_00_52_942
  • Final – Day 1 – Geekout – Nadim 60 min.pptx.pdf

Brat Vukovich/Ian Nagy

  • YouTube Ads 2021: From Zero to Scale
  • 08_LECTION_05_VIDEO_05_2021_09_13_18_00_51_052
  • [PRESENTATION] GeekOut-Kyiv-Intensive (YouTube Ads Inceptly) Brat_Ian.pdf

Cody Iverson

  • Creating Countless Converting Creatives Effortlessly
  • 08_LECTION_06_VIDEO_06_2021_09_13_18_00_54_708
  • Cody Iverson (1).pdf

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