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[DOWNLOAD] Digital Marketer – E-Commerce Marketing Master (2022)

Digital Marketer – E-Commerce Marketing Master Download

Digital Marketer – E-Commerce Marketing Master Download

What You Get:

Module 1 Overview

Core Concepts

  • Validating Proof of Concept with the Ecommerce Tree of Life
  • Evaluating Product Market Fit
  • The Core Pillars of Ecommerce
  • Why Ecommerce Needs Strategy
  • The Customer Value Journey for Ecommerce

Module 2 Overview


  • How to Create Your Customer Avatar
  • The 4 Key Ecommerce Attributes
  • 26 Examples of Transactional Ecommerce Offers
  • Creating Your Offer Stack

Module 3 Overview

Online Store

  • Optimizing Your Online Store
  • How to Create the Ideal Homepage Hierarchy
  • How to Organize Collections – Content Hierarchy
  • Setting Up Your Menu
  • Creating Perfect Product Pages
  • Product Photography

Module 4 Overview

Sales Channels: Email Marketing & Paid Advertising

  • Introduction to Sales Channels
  • Email Marketing: Welcome Email Flows
  • Email Marketing: Abandon Cart Email Flows
  • Email Marketing: Post-Purchase Email Flows
  • Email Marketing: Campaign Emails
  • Introduction to Paid Advertising for Ecommerce
  • Paid Advertising: Anatomy of an Ad on Meta
  • Paid Advertising: Copywriting and Creative on Meta
  • Paid Advertising: Testing Copy, Creative & Audience on Meta

Module 5 Overview

Building a Social Store

  • Introduction to Expanding Your Ecommerce onto Social Media
  • Meet Your Instructor Lauren Petrullo
  • Why Use Meta & Social Shops?
  • Facebook vs Instagram Shops
  • What Platforms Have Shops? Why Are We Talking About Meta?
  • Prerequisites for Setting Up Social Shops
  • How to Apply Offer Creation
  • Key Social Selling KPI’s
  • Where are Social Shops, UGC, and Affiliate Systems Headed?
  • Who Should be Managing your Social Store?
  • What are Standard SOPs for Social Shops?
  • Using Social Feed to Tag Social Shops
  • Storefronts in the Metaverse
  • Addressing Objections
  • Case Study: ClearStem


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