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[DOWNLOAD] Craigslist Middleman – The Ultimate Craigslist Middleman Guide (2022)

Craigslist Middleman – The Ultimate Craigslist Middleman Guide Download

Craigslist Middleman – The Ultimate Craigslist Middleman Guide Download

I knew there had to be a simpler way while I was busier than ever with full time schedule.

But finally, you guys are lucky I did the heavy lifting for you and giving this to you on a silver plater!

Implementing my strategies will allow you to start generating some side income through the ultimate side gig…

The best parts of this is:

  • You don’t have to do any design work.
  • You have a team to essentially make all of the content for you…
  • You can save some $ through this side gig while going along your day.
  • You can just close the clients and start getting money rolling in.

What will you learn in The Ultimate Craigslist Middleman Guide?

Step 1

How to Post an Ad on Craigslist for a website design or logo design service. (You can simply copy & paste mine when you get started).

I also share my posting strategy

Step 2

I then will show you how to get calls like crazy.

The ad that I made will bring calls through the door for website & logo design that will range between $500 – $3000 depending on what the client wants. (In the program I show you how to price things properly).

Step 3

Closing the client via phone or text at this point you’ll have cash in your account. All you have to do is find a designer now.  (I show you exactly how I close clients, very simple ).

Step 4

At this point you already have cash in hand so all you’ll have to do here is get a designer to do the work for you.

Which is about 10% of what the client paid you! (You only focus on closing the deal & you outsource the rest).

(I show you exactly how to do this in the program and a list of the designers I use)

Summary Of What You Get In The Ultimate Craigslist Middleman Guide

  • Step by step guidance
  • ​​​My exact Craigslist Posting Strategy
  • ​My exact Craigslist Headlines and Body Copy
  • ​How I Set Up a Craigslist Ad for Success
  • ​My top designers that I’ve used time and time again
  • ​A List of the Top 10 Niches for Craigslist from Fiverr
  • ​How I scaled this like Crazy
  • ​How to Properly Set Up Your Paypal Account and Collect Payment with Customer
  • ​How I get my photos for ads
  • ​A List of the Top 20 Cities I found that Work Best

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