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[DOWNLOAD] Cold Email Powerhouse – 1000+ Cold Emails Daily With A 50%+ Open Rate (2022)

Cold Email Powerhouse – 1000+ Cold Emails Daily With A 50%+ Open Rate Download

Cold Email Powerhouse – 1000+ Cold Emails Daily With A 50%+ Open Rate Download

Let’s be honest everybody wants to get rich fast – but it’s fucking hard 🙁So we have the next best thing – get rich at medium speed.

If you could send 10 000 emails a month and
5000 people open your email.
500 people respond to your message
50 of them want to hear from you
25 people actually show up
5 companies pay you $2K
You make $10K

We’ll show you how to set-up a system like this in 1-2 hours.
And then it will run automatically and make your inbox look like this.

Yes you could use custom personalised emails to get better response rates, but
would you rather have $50K working 80 hours a week or $10K working 4 hours a week?

If you’d rather work 80h a week this course is not for you.

If you want to work 4h a week and spend rest of the week living, travelling, going on dates, learning an instrument, watching movies or writing poems – this course is for you.

This course is for the lazy.
This course is for those with a short attention span.
This course is for those who jump from project to project.
This course is for those who want the maximum with minimum effort.

After 10 years of bouncing between working 80h a week and 8h a month
We’ve finally found balance and put everything into this course.

You will learn & get:

1. How to set up a system for sending 10 000 emails a month. You can also send 50K or 100K if you want but you need to learn to take it slow, enjoy life.

2. How to do it completely hands free after the initial setup. I love robots!

3. Our own software for making this shit happen. Yes we are so good.

4. How to get perfect 10 models, just kidding, just our pattern interrupt email templates that make you blow air out from your nose.

5. Where to find good leads and how to clean them.

Best thing about this system is that you can duplicate it for whatever shiny object syndrome project you want.

This is the best minimal effort maximum gain system for high ticket B2B offers we’ve found.

You can set everything up in 1-2 hours. Then you just have to wait for the new emails to warm up for around 14 days and you’re ready to go. Once you understand the system you can give this tutorial to your VA’s and make your life even easier.

If you combine this strategy with personalised first lines, you can get even better results.

But this strategy works even without personalisation.

Table of Contents:


Domain & Email Setup

Buying Domains (10 mins)

Setting Up Google Workspace (3 mins)

Setting Up Domains – SPF, DKIM, DMARC & Forwarding (15-20 mins)

Setting Up Emails Accounts & Forwarding (10 mins)

Warming Up Emails and Technical Setup (15 mins)

Leads & Targeting

Getting Leads (10 mins)

Cleaning Leads (5 mins)

Email Copy

Step 1 – Initial Cold Email. (5 mins)

Step 2 – Quick bump. (5 mins)

Step 3 – Break-up Email. (2 mins)

Setting Up The Campaign With Instantly

Connecting Emails (10 mins)

Uploading Leads (1 min)

Setting Up The Sequence (5 mins)

Scheduling (1 min)

Advanced Options (1 min)

Optimizing & Scaling

Analyzing Campaigns & Benchmarks (5 mins)

Scaling Up (2 mins)

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