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[DOWNLOAD] Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit (2022)

Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit Download

Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit Download

What You Get:

The Brain Audit uses a simple system to achieve the above

1) Structured explanation
2) Cartoon-based callouts
3) Checklists + downloadable checklists for future use.
4) Case Studies
5) Comprehensive summary

Structured explanations: Every chapter has very structured explanations. So each explanation builds on the previous one, and each chapter builds on the next. This leads to sequential assimilation of facts and details. And helps greatly when it comes to implementing the concepts for your web page, articles, presentations etc.

Cartoon-based callouts: There are exactly 99 cartoons in The Brain Audit. These cartoons play an important role in two areas. They provide visual relief as you read the contents, but more importantly the cartoons are a memory trigger. Each of the cartoons plays the role of a quick visual summary of the page.

Important points are visually summarised with cartoons and captions.

Checklists: There are checklists within the book. The checklists enable you to step through the sequence and make sure you don’t miss anything out. Of course, you may want a series of checklists as you go through applying The Brain Audit across several media, so a downloadable version is included as well.

Case Studies: The case studies (taken from real businesses) show you how the message can be built up stage by stage. There are specific case studies that are followed as a thread right through every chapter. In addition to the case studies, there are also several other detailed examples.

Comprehensive textual summary: At the end of every chapter, there’s a quick summary page. This isn’t just a bunch of points, but rather about 8-10 paragraphs that encapsulate the entire learning. This enables you to refresh your knowledge of the chapter, and also provides a quick reference guide for the future.

Here is just a tiny preview of what’s in The Brain Audit:

How the Brain Goes Through Decision-Making: Do you often wonder what your customer is thinking? Don’t leave the thought process to chance and let that customer walk away. Your customers don’t want to walk away. They want to buy from you. So how does the brain make decisions? And what causes it to get confused?

Is the Brain a Conveyor Belt?: Does the brain actually process thoughts in a step-by-step manner? Would you believe it’s not random at all? The Brain Audit is a tool that allows you to understand the predictability of a buying sequence. The moment you understand how the ‘conveyor belt’ concept works, you’ll see that your brain follows this sequence no matter what product or service you’re buying.

The Hidden Trigger: This one factor will turn everything you’ve learned on its head. Readers have changed their business cards, their websites and their whole way of thinking once they learned the extreme power of this simple trigger. When you use this trigger, you activate the curiosity of the brain and get customers engaged. Customers start asking questions, and instead of shooing you away, invite you to tell them more.

The Futility of Solutions: Most of us believe that we should talk about benefits and solutions. And benefits and solutions work, but they fail miserably if they’re placed out of the sequence. So where do you place your benefits? And why?

Getting the Customer’s Attention: The core of getting attention is to flag a customer down. But how are you going to do that if you don’t even know what gets their attention in the first place? The Brain Audit not only shows you how to get their attention, but actually get a response. This response helps you go ahead with the sale.

Targeting and Testing: Easily the most important factor of marketing is targeting. But how do you target? How do you target when you’ve got multiple products and services? How do you target when you’ve got such a wide potential customer base? The Brain Audit shows you how. Ignore targeting and you get close to zero-response and polite smiles.

Case Studies: How to create a killer case study based on the brain. Here are several case studies that help you create a distinct marketing tool that you can use in any business you start up.

Uniqueness: You’ve probably heard about a USP several times before. How do you stop your brand from being a commodity? There’s a comprehensive wealth of information within The Brain Audit that shows you how to go about defining your uniqueness in a step-by-step manner.

Is the Customer Ready To Buy?: Customers give you a clear indication when they’re ready to buy. But we read the signals all wrong. Instead of anticipating and preparing for this moment, we make the mistake of getting defensive, and it drives the customer away. So what does the customer say? How do we know that the customer is ready? You’ll be amazed that you’ve never realised this obvious buying signal before.

Attracting Ideal Customers: It’s all very fine to attract customers, but how do you attract the customers you want? There’s a simple way to attract the non-pesky customers. There’s a simple way to attract customers from specific industries or locations. With this information you get the dream customers and the painful customers never show up at all.

The Risk Factor: One of the biggest reasons customers don’t buy is the inherent risk. The risk of making a mistake; the risk of looking like a fool; the risk of wasting time, money and resources. Even when a customer is ready to buy the risk becomes an almost insurmountable wall. How do you reduce this risk to zero? And how do you explore the obvious as well as the hidden risks and get them out of the way?

The Next Step: You can get all the information in the world, but if you can’t benchmark or audit it, the information becomes pretty useless. Think of The Brain Audit system as ‘brain analytics’. You can test and measure, but more importantly you can spot EXACTLY when you’re doing something wrong—and fix it all by yourself.

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