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[DOWNLOAD] Scott Hilse – Simplified Dropshipping 5.0 (2022)

Scott Hilse – Simplified Dropshipping 5.0 Download

Scott Hilse – Simplified Dropshipping 5.0 Download

What You’ll Get:

Lesson 1: Intro & History
Lesson 2: Dropship Eye/Mentality
​Lesson 3: Product Research & Pricing Structure
​Lesson 4: Choosing Your Product
Lesson 5: Naming Your Store & Domain Buy
Lesson 6: Building Your Store’s Skeleton
​Lesson 7: What Shopify Plan to Choose
Lesson 8: Connecting Your Domain
Lesson 9: Importing Your First Product
Lesson 10: Inner Workings Site Build
Lesson 11: Test Order
Lesson 12: Shipping Set Up
Lesson 13: Facebook Page Build
Lesson 14: Business Account, Ad Account, Pixel Setup (w/ IOS 14)
Lesson 15: Apps
Lesson 16: Understand This Before Launching FB Ads
Lesson 17: Overview of Facebook Ads
Lesson 18: Building Your Ad
Lesson 19: Facebook Ads Strategy #1 Explained
Lesson 20: Big Dog FB Strategy Pt.1
Lesson 21: Order Fulfillment
Lesson 22: Customer Feedback Score & Survey Delay
​Lesson 23: Big Dog FB Strategy Pt.2
Lesson 24: Big Dog FB Strategy Pt.3
​Lesson 25: Big Dog FB Strategy Pt.4
​Lesson 26: Big Dog FB Strategy Pt.5 + LAAs
​Lesson 27: Managing Your Facebook Ad’s Post
​Lesson 28: What to do if Your Product Doesn’t Work
​Lesson 29: Testing Products for No Cost w/ TikTok
​Lesson 30: When & How To Outsource
​Lesson 31: When and How To Form An LLC
​Lesson 32: Apps To Scale With
​Lesson 33: FREE Targeted Page Likes From Your Ad
​Lesson 34: Outro

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