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[DOWNLOAD] Rafal Zuchowicz – $20-$52k Challenge (2023)

Rafal Zuchowicz – $20-$52k Challenge Download

The rules are simple:

  • Starting from $20 (you can start at any level of the table and skip small amounts if you don’t want to waste your time and have higher budget.
  • TP 30%
  • SL 23%

Trades don’t need to be always a winning trade so don’t think you need 30 consecutive winning trades to achieve the goal. The program is design so if you hit SL and loos 23% you will move one step backwards. it’s like walking on the ladder your ether goes one step up or one step down.

Of course, we are not robots, unless you design an EA to execute this strategy for you perfectly.  You are allowed to use your own strategy and MM to exit trades at BE when you see that after almost hitting your TP market is going dramatically against you and might just continue until your SL.

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