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[DOWNLOAD] MarketLife – Adam Grimes – Pullbacks Masterclass (2022)

MarketLife – Adam Grimes – Pullbacks Masterclass Download

MarketLife – Adam Grimes – Pullbacks Masterclass Download

How Any Trader Can Profit From Market Pullbacks With The SMART Pullback Trading System

Who it’s for

  • Traders with any size account — whether it’s $5k or $5mm — who trade equities, futures, options, or forex
  • Traders who want a simple, proven trading plan to find, enter, and exit higher probability pullbacks without getting caught buying a dip that turns into a crash.

Course outline:

Part 1: Building a reliable foundation

  • 10 Principles of successful trading
  • What we’re looking for in good pullbacks
  • 5 Mistakes traders make in pullbacks
  • Current market opportunities from the day/night before. All markets and timeframes.

Day 2: Trends and pullback variations

  • Trend structure and pullbacks
  • What happens after a pullback?
  • Homework
  • Q&A

Day 3: Sizing and trade selection

  • Thoughts and principles for sizing
  • Using R to manage trades
  • Finding the best pullbacks
  • Homework
  • Q&A

Day 4: Entry techniques and using options

  • Using options with pullbacks
  • Entry techniques
  • Homework
  • Q&A

Day 5: What happens after a pullback trade & management

  • Trade management
  • Going from paper to real money
  • Putting it all together
  • Review of trades that set up and happened since the start of the course
  • Q&A

Day 6: Putting it all together

  • Recap of all the training
  • Live Q&A

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