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[DOWNLOAD] Kristina Azarenko – Get SEO Implemented (2024)

Kristina Azarenko – Get SEO Implemented Download


  • You will significantly increase the success rate of your SEO recommendations implementation
  • You will learn to write effective dev tickets
  • You will be seen as a valuable resource by your company or clients (so you can charge more)
  • You will get a seat at the table of technical topics discussions
  • You will collaborate with the development team more effectively
  • You will know how to check if your recommendations are implemented correctly using QA scripts

SEO Recommendations Clarity Training

5 lessons on how to use your technical SEO expertise to create clear recommendations that can’t be ignored.

Psychology-based Communication Training

3 lessons on how to use interpersonal and persuasion psychology to be heard and respected by everyone.

SEO Recommendations Templates Library

Ready-to-use templates of user stories that you can just plug into your SEO recommendations, save hours and look like a genius in the process.

The best access conditions

When you enroll in the ‘Get SEO Implemented” course, you also get lifetime access to the content and all future updates for free.

9 Missions to make your a better collaborator

Knowledge doesn’t matter unless it’s applied. In this course, you’ll get 9 different missions that will help you improve your collaboration with the developers and other team members. Let’s make your success inevitable!

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