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[DOWNLOAD] Jose Rosado – Freelance Freedom Framework (2022)

Jose Rosado – Freelance Freedom Framework Download

Jose Rosado – Freelance Freedom Framework Download

What You Get:

• Freelance Freedom Framework video course

• Freedom Templates: 20 email templates you can use to pitch, close, wow, and make your clients love them

• Crash Course Copywriting guide – and introduction to the art of persuading with the written word

• Mind$et course: the mindset secrets used by multi six-figure online biz owner to win at life, develop self-confidence, and kill self-doubt

• Sales boosting ideas to increase your income to $5K–$10K/month quickly

• Step-by-step offer creation system you can use time and time again to come up with new offers

• How I got my first clients when I started out as a freelancer

• 3 unique proposal templates you can steal from me.

• The Barely Legal $100K Sales Script that I use to close deals fast

• A clear explanation of how to conduct high-ticket sales call – the kind that gets your prospect to reveal their deepest secrets to you and get you paid

• The Deep Follow Up Sequence to get prospects’ attention without making them mad

• The 2 fastest ways to find clients without spending a dollar

• Easy-to-follow tutorial on creating your website and setting up your custom email

• The rock-solid messaging foundations that’ll make your prospects drool for your offers

• The One-line Case Study cold email template that’ll get your prospect’s eager to get your services

• Demystifying market research with the Plan Zero Method

• Braindead way to automate scheduling and following up on your sales meetings

Bonus #1

The Barely Legal $100K Sales Script

• The exact script me and my students have used to close deals on the phone

• Simple objection crushing ideas to get the client to pay on the phone

• A pressure-free way to extract the best information from your clients to better understand their needs

• One little trick to persuade clients to agree to let you pitch your services on the phone

Bonus #2

Objection Handling With ROGUEWEALTH

• Handling objections without making the client feel like you’re belittling them

• How to get your client’s permission to sell to them

• Getting the client to reveal their deepest secrets on the phone call

Bonus #3

Real Life Sales Call Where I Close a $5000 Deal 

An unfiltered 45-minute sales call I recently had where I close a $5000 deal on the phone.

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