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[DOWNLOAD] Irek Piekarski – Trading Masterclass 2.0 (2023)

Irek Piekarski – Trading Masterclass 2.0 Download

How to profit from the markets using a radically effective, systemized approach

The Trading MasterClass offers a comprehensive learning experience for students, providing them with a wealth of resources and a supportive community. With over 80+ 4K video lessons, students can delve into various aspects of trading and investing. These lessons cover essential topics such as technical analysis, including candlestick formations, fibonacci, Elliott Wave Theory, and multi-timeframe analysis. The course also explores different trading strategies and management techniques, suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Master technical analysis with over 80 video lessons!​

  • High resolution 4K video lessons
  • Includes day trading, swing trading, and ‘hybrid’ trading
  • Covers forex, equities, and cryptocurrency markets
  • 5 trading strategies and 3 management techniques provided
  • Suitable for both beginners, and experienced traders

The video lessons are presented in high resolution 4K quality, ensuring a visually immersive learning experience. They encompass day trading, swing trading, and ‘hybrid’ trading across forex, equities, and cryptocurrency markets. Through detailed explanations and examples from diverse markets, students gain a deep understanding of the 5 trading strategies and 3 management techniques. These resources cater to traders with varying styles, whether conservative, aggressive, or somewhere in-between.

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