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[DOWNLOAD] David Deutsch – Idea Power (2024)

David Deutsch – Idea Power Download


Idea Power is my new, simple, proven, step-by-step method for quickly and easily coming up with all the ideas you’ll ever need.

In fact, if you follow the simple directions, you can’t help but come up with more and better ideas for everything you do!

That’s because instead of asking you to think “outside the box” (an infinite, overwhelming area to search), I’ll show you how to think “inside the box” — with 15 specific boxes that prompt you to ask powerful, idea-generating questions.

Here’s just a small sample of what this unique, one-of-a-kind program will enable you to do:

Make coming up with great ideas a sure thing:

 Most people rely on luck, just hoping great ideas will just come to them. Instead, this simple, step-by-step technique guarantees you an endless source of ideas and solutions available for you anytime, anywhere.

Generate ideas faster than you ever thought possible:

Taking hours or even days to come up with an idea can destroy your productivity and cause you to miss opportunities. Instead, Idea Power‘s unique “think inside the box” methodology will have you generating ideas fast — and leave friends, clients, colleagues and higher-ups astonished by your newfound creativity.

Ramp up your originality:

We all get in ruts… of seeing, of thinking, and of idea generating. But because each box in Idea Power is so different, the program systematically guides you to look at a much wider range of solutions, ideas and options. You’ll find yourself consistently coming up with strikingly unique ideas.

Supercharge your writing:

The ability to come up with ideas is critical for any type of writing. Especially if that writing needs to be interesting or persuasive. Whether it’s an email, an ad, a sales letter or a web page, to get and keep attention these days, ideas enable you to stand out from the crowd and drive your message home.

Dramatically increase your motivation and focus:

Just as a magnifying glass can burn through paper by concentrating the sun’s light, a concentrated mind burns through problems and sets fire to opportunities. In Idea Power, I’ll show you how to instantly improve your mental effectiveness.

Remember your ideas (and anything else):

I’ll reveal the one thing you must do to embed anything you need to remember deeply into your brain, where you can call it up whenever you need it. (Memory and recall are crucial to great ideation.)

Avoid the trap of a good idea:

Ironically, a merely good idea can cause your brain to feel like it has done its job and shut down — thus preventing you from finding a truly great idea. But I’ll show you how to keep this from happening.

Discover additional ways to increase your creativity: 

For example, you’ll find out the one word you should never use when you’re trying to be creative… how a piece of furniture can dramatically ramp up your ability to come up with ideas… and much more!

FREE Bonus #1:  How to Turn Ideas into Dollars

  • How one man came up with 36 different ideas for making money
  • How to turn ideas into a second income — or even a new primary one
  • How ideas can help salespeople make more sales (and get in the door)
  • How ideas can make your advertising make more money
  • How to use the same idea to make money over and over again in different ways
  • How to use ideas to get a promotion — or find an even better job

FREE Bonus #2: Use Idea Power to Light a Fire Under Your Writing

  • The big mistake most people make when they get an idea (and what you should always do instead).
  • The “jeweler’s trick” for taking your writing to the next level.
  • How to increase sales by doing LESS.
  • The Matrix Secret that puts generating ideas on automatic pilot.
  • How to make potentially unbelievable copy believable… with one simple but little-known twist.
  • How to combine these techniques with Parris’ famous “schemas” secret to generate jaw-dropping copy and persuasion ideas.

FREE Bonus #3:  Multiply Your Idea-Generating Power with A.I.

  • How to make ChatGPT your best-ever brainstorming partner
  • How to use ChatGPT with the Idea Power techniques
  • The right way to interact with AI for the best results coming up with ideas — or for anything (most people do it exactly wrong)

FREE Bonus #4:  Powering Persuasion with Creativity

  • How to turn ordinary features into persuasive benefits 
  • How to use visual elements to enhance your persuasion 
  • How to get people to convince themselves
  • How to lay the groundwork for effective persuasion
  • Power-packed ways to persuade with elimination, division, and addition 

FREE Bonus #5:  How to Choose, Implement and Sell Your Best Ideas

  • The simple 4-step process to uncover and start implementing your best ideas
  • Why you should never throw away an unused idea
  • How to successfully present your ideas and get buy-in from others
  • THE most important thing to remember about implementing ideas

FREE Bonus #6: The Million Dollar Idea

Bestselling author Joe Vitale, who starred in the movie The Secret, wanted a title for his new book on the marketing secrets of P.T. Barnum — a man whose promotional genius had people flocking in droves to his museum, theater, sideshow and circus.
At first I was stumped and overwhelmed by the task. What DO you title such a book?
Then I took a breath and began applying the Idea Power principles.

FREE Bonus #7:  Idea Power: The Inside Story Revealed

  • How the secret of the “grid search” makes finding ideas many times more easy.
  • How to get better answers by asking better questions
  • 3 simple ways to banish “idea block”
  • My “quick start” method for hitting the ground running and quickly generating ideas with this system
  • How I personally have applied each of the techniques in this system

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