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[DOWNLOAD] B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook (2022)

B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook Download

B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook Download


In the majority of companies, marketing is perceived as a lot of effort for little result. A waste of money. Sales teams don’t believe in marketing because they simply don’t see the marketing impact on sales and revenue.

They think that marketing is all about visiting trade shows and conferences, designing slides, working on branding, and spreading the content on social media — without helping them generate high-quality leads and closing more deals.

As a result, every single team meeting ends with marketers going red-faced when sales and executives ask:

“WHERE are the leads?”

Have you ever been in these shoes?

If yes, you know what’s going to happen next.

You become an order taker getting tasks from sales and executives, and limit marketing campaigns to:

  • Gated e-books to get contacts that are transferred to sales as “leads”
  • Landing pages that promote demo calls without giving an idea of what the product is all about, price, use cases, etc.
  • Writing scripts and setting up automated cadences for SDRs
  • Producing salesy content about product features and publishing company news that delivers 0 value to your market
  • Webinars that are sold as educational events but in reality are pure product pitches

You know how lousy it feels and that this “marketing” is doomed, but you’re blamed for poor performance.

You realize that you are burning out your market, but you can’t stop because this is the only way to not get red-faced during team meetings.

You understand that marketing should be done differently and try to present the ideas, but they get shut down in the process.

And the worst thing is that you start questioning your credibility and ability to deliver.


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