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Gina Perrelli โ€“ Mastering Email Marketing & SMS


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What You Learn:


  • Optimizing your email marketing
  • How to pull data
  • A/B testing with email marketing
  • Email campaigns: Where to start, how to organize them, optimize them, and more
  • Analyzing email open rate
  • Analyzing click rate
  • Analyzing opt-out rate
  • Analyzing conversion rate
  • Email automation and flows
  • Email sign-up forms



  • Types of SMS marketing
  • SMS voice
  • Growing your SMS list
  • Getting started with SMS
  • Managing SMS responses
  • SMS optimization


Putting it all together

  • Subscription marketing in relation to email and SMS
  • Understanding all customer communication channels
  • Lists and segementing
  • Tech recommendations
  • Customer review integrations
  • Customer rewards integrations
  • Customer referral integrations