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Joe Troyer – Cold Email Masterclass


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What You Get:


Week 1

Creating The Ultimate Foot In The Door


  • Get You In Front Of Prospect With an Irresistible Offer
  • Easily Create Value For The Prospect
  • Learn What & How To Upsell The Prospect
  • Plus Learn How Guarantee You Get A Great Review
  • Plus Learn How To Get 2-3 Referrals From Every Person Who Takes You Up On the Foot In The Door



Week 2

Creating Your “Mother” Funnel


  • Finally Learn About Our “Mother Funnel”
  • Learn Step By Step Over The Shoulder How To Setup Your Funnel
  • Launch You’re VERY Own MVP Funnel With Your Mother Funnel ROADMAP
  • Finally Put Together A “Sales Stack” To Make Your Entire Funnel Communicate With Each Other



Week 3

Cold eMail Domination


  • Teach You High Level About Email Deliverability Best Practice
  • Teach You How To Write Amazing Emails That Get 30-50%+ Open Rates
  • Get Our FITD Prospecting Sequence Templates
  • Get Our Industry Expert Sequence Templates



Week 4

Funnel Review


  • MVP Funnel Review
  • Foot In The Door Review
  • Funnel Break Downs From Other Masterclass Members



Week 5

Scaling Your Funnel


  • We Will Change Your Thinking When It Comes To “Scale”
  • You’ll Get The Tactical Information On How To Scale
  • I’ll Teach You 1 Method That Generated Over 100 Opt-ins For A Free FITD In 1 Day


    BONUS Week 6

    The Self-Perpetuating Launch Model


    • I’ll Teach You How To Grow Your Business Beyond Your Initial “Mother” Funnels (No Rock Unturned)
    • Learn How To Make The Most Out Of Every Prospect You Bring In The Door
    • Learn The 7 Steps You MUST COMPLETE Before Hiring Sales People (If You Choose To)
    • Automate The System Over And Over Again