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Scale School By DTC x Pilothouse


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Scale School By DTC x Pilothouse – Facebook & Instagram Ads Course Fully Updated

Access the Proven Performance Marketing Blueprint That Scales Brand Post iOS 14.5.

The Facebook Marketing System That Drove over $50 Million in Value for Pilothouse’s Clients in the Last 6 Months

Scale School By DTC x Pilothouse

We didn’t follow the playbook of a guru – we wrote our own.
Scale School is the distilled knowledge and wisdom of over 120 Facebook and Instagram advertising experts – not one guru who makes their money selling courses… .

Our own posse of badass marketers spend their days slugging it out in the trenches… tirelessly testing, iterating, scaling and learning from each win or loss.

A dedicated team with the insider knowledge, drive, and passion it takes to generate record-breaking profits…

HERE’S WHAT’S WAITING FOR YOU IN THE Scale School By DTC x Pilothouse…

You get exclusive access to all content delivered in a series of short, easy-to-understand videos:

Module 1 – Foundations For Scale

✔︎ Brand & Competitor Analysis

✔︎ Knowing Your Customer & Your Market

✔︎ Metrics That Matter & Why

✔︎ Customer Journey & Messaging

✔︎ Facebook Pixel Strategy

Module 2 – Creatives That Convert

✔︎ Insights Into Creatives That Convert

✔︎ Fast & Furious Creatives

✔︎ Polished Creatives

Module 3 – The Pilothouse 6-Step Strategy For Maximizing Profitability From Your Campaigns

Step 1 – Find Your Top 5 Angles

Step 2 – Copy + Angle Testing

Step 3 – Analyze Data and Uncover Your Winners

Step 4 – Identifying Creatives Needed

Step 5 – Audience Testing

Step 6 – Consolidate Winners Into Scale Campaigns

Module 4 – Strategies For Scale

✔︎ Attribution & The Eco ROAS

✔︎ Bidding Types & When to Use Them

✔︎ Horizontal Scale Strategies

✔︎ Split Testing Pages & Funnels

✔︎ Split Testing Creatives & Copy

✔︎ Influencer & Whitelisting

✔︎ Budget Management & The Scaling Mindset

Module 5 – How to Build a Powerhouse Marketing Team

✔︎ When Should You Hire an Agency & What Should You Look For

✔︎ How to Hire Good Marketers

✔︎ How to Align Your Internal & External Marketing Teams

✔︎ Company Culture

Scale School By DTC x Pilothouse  Bonus Video – Navigating The Digital Landscape Post iOS15.

✔︎ What we are doing to mitigate iOS

✔︎ Ecosystem ROAS across all platforms

✔︎ Attribution

These strategies have tens of millions of dollars in ad spend backing them up… Strategies we’ve perfected over many years.

Who will benefit from Scale School?

✔︎ Independent small agency owners.

✔︎ Brand owners who want to do FB ads themselves.

✔︎ Brand owners who want to educate their internal marketing team.

✔︎ Agency owners who want to train their staff.

✔︎ Small / mid level media buyers looking to sharpen their skills + learn new strategies…

Now, if you’re wondering about the price, relax…
We could have easily charged $10,000 or more for this value-packed course and it would still be a huge bargain…
If you’re spending any money on Facebook and Instagram Ads, this course will teach you simple, easy to do things in your first viewing that you can apply right away to increase your conversions, and skyrocket your profit.

Think of the cost of this course, and think how any of the following (you’ll learn them all and more) could pay back the cost of this course tenfold.

✔︎ Multiple Creatives Strategies & Winning Creative Ideas

✔︎ How To Structure Your Testing Campaigns

✔︎ New Scaling Methods To Unlock Hidden Revenue

✔︎ How To Find New Angles & Customers

✔︎ How To Build A Powerhouse Marketing Team

✔︎ How To Win With Influencers

✔︎ And So Much More!