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Ran Segall – Brand Design Mastery


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What You Get:


Chapter 1



Course Overview And How To Make The Best Of It
Course Project & Certification
Introduction To Instructors



Chapter 2

Closing a Brand design project


The Value Of a Strategic Brand Design Process
The Discovery Call
Pricing & Scope
Proposals & Negotiation



Chapter 3



Understanding & Developing Brand Strategy
Defining Business Purpose: Vision & Mission
Defining Customer Persona
Defining Market Position
Finding The Big Idea
How To Run a Successful Strategy Session
Developing The Strategy & Gaining Insight
Presenting The Strategy
Strategy Case Studies
Homework Assignment



Chapter 4

Creative Direction in Branding


What is Creative Direction?
Finding Inspiration & Doing Research
Designing Moodboards
Presenting Moodboards To Clients
Creative Direction Case Studies
Homework Assignment



Chapter 5

Designing Logos


What Makes a Good Logo
Logo Types & Terms
Sketching Ideas
Vector Techniques For Logos
Refining The Logo And Composition
Logo Case Studies
Homework Assignment



Chapter 6

Designing a Visual Identity


Developing a Design Concept
Working With Type
Working With Color
Broadening Your Identity Design
Applying The Brand Online & Offline: Doing Mockups
Putting It All Together: The Presentation
Handling Feedback
Visual Identity Case Studies
Homework Assignment



Chapter 7

Delivering the new brand


Wrapping Up The Project
Creating Brand Guidelines
Delivering Files And Assets
Homework Assignment



Chapter 8

Advanced Branding Topics


Brand Architecture



Chapter 9

What’s next


What’s next?