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David Hood – Maps SEO Ninja Training


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What You Get:

Many people doing Local SEO don’t even know the real battles they fight!

In the introduction, I make the case for what I believe is the real Maps SEO battle, how to identify your specific projects’ battles, and what your overall battle plan should be.

The “Fundamentals” module is the meat of the what to do and how to do it part of the course.

This has been described as “succinct and gets the point across without a bunch of fluff.”

The actual actions that need to be taken are, each individually, quite simple.

What’s the point of working hard to rank a GMB if it just gets suspended 6 months in?

No GMB is 100% safe from suspension…

…but there are definitely actions you can take to reduce your chances of a suspension…

…and some actions you can take or not take that increase your chances of suspension.

Furthormore, there’s a half-way suspended state called “ghosted” that you should be aware of.

So you’ve started to work on a Local SEO project…

…measuring your progress objectively and with discipline is VERY important…

…to not only knowing what exactly you need to do improve a GMB’s Proximity Influence…

…but also to understanding Maps SEO better and better over time.

In this module, I cover my unique way I track Maps ranking geogrids over time…

…and I give you a process for putting a number to improvement/loss in maps geogrid rankings.

Credit where credit is due…I didn’t come up with all of these techniques myself in isolation!

I have learned some of what I know from a few important mentors…

…I list them here and what I learned from them.

Furthermore, I give suggestions on how to run your own Maps SEO testing

…I’ve never seen anyone else cover, “how to test yourself to improve your SEO skills…”

Yet, I think this is very important to understanding how Google’s algorithm works.

In this module, I put everything in the previous modules together…

…with your business systems and your SEO team.

Systems are my jam…and I think a strength of mine…I think I have a unique perspective on this that will help people new to SEO and those that are very experienced.

And finally, based upon the feedback of the first customers, I’ve added some more content to the course.

As more questions and comments and requests for new content come in, I will continue to build the course.