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Andre Chaperon & Shawn Twing – The Durable Business


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The Durable Business (TDB) is based on timeless principles. It’s our attempt to identify the underlying framework for building a long-term business asset that applies to service businesses, digital/virtual information/knowledge products, consulting, etc.

TDB is what we would do to grow a business from $0 to $100,000 in revenue. We’re so confident it will work that we’re going to create that business and show our work as part of TDB.

Yup, as part of the training, we’ll be following our own frameworks to build a brand new online side-business from $0 to $100K. We’ll do it in a market we’ve never operated in, with no email list, no reputation, and no advantage our students don’t have.

Some of our marketing friends have suggested we’re mad to do this, that we’ve lost our minds, and we would agree. The hardest part of any business is starting from zero. In contrast, going from $100K to $250K, or $250K to a million, is a relative walk-in-the-part.

But we like hard.

The high-level framework that drives The Durable Business is made up of four main parts that form a momentum-generating ‘flywheel’ that’s inspired by the work of Jim Collins (described in his monograph, Turning the Flywheel).

The flywheel concept has been responsible for Amazon’s dominance. Jeff Bezos called the concept “the secret sauce.”